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Julie Chen in Big Brother

Tonight on Big Brother 24, the votes are ready and the Names have taken their places on the couch. Taylor or Nicole (41) will get going and walk out the front door to meet host Julie Chen Moonves during week four of BB24. Who was elected tonight on Big Brother? Let’s find out!

Tensions have been high for the endangered duo of Daniel and Nicole as they have moved from Big Brother’s peak season to top Leftovers targets. Now Nicole is about to be sent packing and Daniel will be on the run for his own game. But it’s Big Brother where the doghouse can quickly turn into a penthouse and with a new head of household contest on the way tonight, anything is possible.

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We stopped by Wednesday night with Daniel making the bold move of helping send his closest ally to the Bloc in a bid to send Taylor out the door. Monte tried to stop Daniel from moving, but he was too smart for Monte because getting your own ally kicked out will show them not to tell you what to do… Oops.

Big Brother 24 Results – Week 4 Votes:

  • Joseph votes to expel: Nicole
  • Terrance votes to evict: Nicole
  • Michael votes to expel: Nicole
  • Indy votes to evict: Nicole
  • Jasmine votes to expel: Nicole
  • Daniel votes to evict: Taylor
  • Turner votes for expulsion: Nicole
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Kyle votes to evict: Nicole
  • Alyssa votes to evict: Nicole
  • Brittany votes to expel: Nicole

By a vote of 9 to 1, Nicole was kicked out of the Big Brother house.

Taylor will have to choose a new Besties set to join and she selects… Indy & Alyssa. Taylor had a choice to join any set, not just a pair, but she decides to go with an option that keeps the scraps spread out and able to kick someone out of her own group if she finds herself. again on the block. It was a bold move to tie her chances of safety with relatively weaker players than she could have picked.

The vote is over, it’s time to chat with Julie before rushing to the backyard where we’ll watch the Houseguests take on their next HOH challenge.

Too bad for the HOH mockup because they are running out of time and the show ends without even the first part of the HOH mockup. We’ll go back to the streams to get the spoilers later tonight. Who do you want to win the power of nominations and security this week?

Big Brother 24 – Week 5 HOH Results:

  • Spoilers: Find out who won HOH this week…soon!

After the show, we’ll return to the live streams to watch the fallout on who HOH won and the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s goal. Take advantage of the free trial and join us now!

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