UK train strikes and energy hikes add to week of economic turmoil

LONDON (AP) — Trains in Britain came to a virtual standstill on Saturday as coordinated strikes by railway workers added to a week of unrest caused by soaring energy prices and unfunded tax cuts that have shook the financial markets. According to Network Rail, only around 11% of rail services were due to operate across … Read more

Molly Russell’s cause of death ruled suicide resulting from social media

A London coroner has ruled the death of a 14-year-old girl in 2017 a suicide resulting from harmful social media posts. The decision came on Friday following an inquest – or judicial inquest – into Molly Russell’s death five years ago, according to the Molly Rose Foundation (MRF) set up in memory of the 14-year-old … Read more

The British central bank intervenes in the market to stem the economic crisis

LONDON (AP) — The Bank of England took emergency action on Wednesday to stabilize Britain’s financial markets and avert a crisis in the wider economy after the government spooked investors with a program of debt cuts. unfunded taxescausing the pound to fall and the cost of public debt to skyrocket. The central bank warned that … Read more

Scientists are sounding the alarm over a little-known STI in the US that is resistant to ALL antibiotics used against it

There is concern that a “silently-spreading” STI that can cause infertility could turn into a superbug. Mycoplasma genitalium, also known as M. genitalium or M. gen, has become resistant to all antibiotics used to treat it so far. The sexually transmitted infection was first discovered in London in the 1980s – but a test has … Read more