Covid wave looms in Europe as recall campaign gets off to a slow start

Covid wave looms in Europe as recall campaign gets off to a slow start

A new wave of Covid-19 appears to be brewing in Europe as the weather cools, with public health experts warning that vaccine fatigue and confusion over the types of vaccines available will likely limit the use of the booster. The Omicron BA.4/5 subvariants that dominated this summer are still causing the majority of infections, but … Read more

Strokes, heart attacks, sudden death: Does America understand the long-term risks of catching COVID?

A 35-year-old acquaintance dies of a hemorrhagic stroke. A friend in her 40s and another in her 60s experience extreme recurring dizziness, with their heart racing when they stand. A 21-year-old student with no medical history is admitted to intensive care with heart failure, while a previously healthy 48-year-old avid tennis player suddenly suffers a … Read more

5 things to know for October 6: Mar-a-Lago, Ukraine, gas prices, Covid-19, shooting in Thailand

CNN — Hundreds of companies are testing a four-day work week to see if employees can maintain the same level of productivity despite reduced work hours. The experience so far has been positive, and some experts say the results could change the outlook for remote work in the near future. Here’s what else you need … Read more

No significant increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome after COVID-19 vaccination, researchers say

Newswise – There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination increases the incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves, according to a study led by Rutgers. Published in the journal Vaccine, statistical analysis by a team at Rutgers found there was no significant association between any … Read more

Saline nasal irrigation after Covid-19 diagnosis reduces hospitalization

A neti pot can be used to irrigate the sinuses Getty Images/iStockphoto A new study from Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia has found that irrigating your nose twice a day with saline solution after testing positive for Covid-19 can reduce your risk of hospitalization and death. in high-risk patients. Study participants who performed nasal … Read more

New drug seeks ‘real revenge’ on COVID by turning virus against itself

A neurologist at a prestigious US research institute has developed an experimental COVID treatment he calls “true revenge” that weaponizes the virus against itself. The treatment, dubbed NMT5, was created by the founding director of the Neurodegeneration Center for New Drugs at the Scripps Research Institute, Dr. Stuart Lipton, and a team of scientists. It … Read more

Ringo Starr, 82, forced to cancel New Buffalo show after famed drummer falls ill

Ringo Starr, 82, and his band All-Starr were forced to cancel the show in New Buffalo hours before taking the stage after the famed drummer fell ill The Beatles legend, 82, pulled out of the concert at the Four Winds Casino just hours before taking the stage He realized he couldn’t perform due to an … Read more

Long covid: What we know about the loss of smell and taste

CNN — Imagine waking up one morning after recovering from Covid-19 to find that your coffee smells like unwashed socks, your eggs reek of feces, and your orange juice tastes metallic. Oddly enough, that’s a good thing: it’s a sign that your sense of smell is still working, even if it’s miswired in your brain. … Read more

Over 16,000 cancer deaths from COVID-19 complications in 2020 in US, new study finds

News — ATLANTA, September 29, 2022 — From March to December 2020, more than 16,000 cancer deaths were due to complications from COVID-19 in the United States, according to a new study by researchers from the American Cancer Society (ACS). Additionally, higher percentages of blood or prostate cancer deaths were due to complications from COVID-19 … Read more

Can you mix and match for the COVID bivalent booster shot?

Both Pfizer and Moderna now have new bivalent COVID boosters that target not only the original strain of coronavirus, but also the highly contagious omicron subvariants that dominate across the country. These booster shots are readily available at pharmacies and doctor’s offices across the United States. You can get one if you are at least … Read more