Man who shot NYC McDonald’s employee confesses to unrelated murder

The man accused of shooting a Brooklyn McDonald’s employee in the face during an argument over cold fries has confessed to a previous murder – a murder he escaped with until the fast food brawl, police sources said on Wednesday.

While being questioned for shooting fast food worker Matthew Webb in the face during a Monday feud that unfolded outside the Bedford-Stuyvesant McDonald’s, Michael Morgan confessed to a homicide on October 21, 2020, that he was long suspected of having committed.

This fatal shooting took place six blocks from McDonald’s.

Later Wednesday, police charged Morgan, 20, with killing Kevin Holloman, 28, who was shot outside an apartment building on Herkimer St. near Rochester Ave. Holloman suffered “multiple” gunshot wounds, police said.

Investigators suspected Morgan, who has a long rap sheet, of the 2020 shooting, but Brooklyn prosecutors wanted more evidence, a law enforcement source said.

“For a while we tried to make an arrest and get this guy off the street,” a law enforcement source said. “The guy should be behind bars, should be in jail.”

Morgan was also charged with possession of weapons for Monday’s shooting, cops said. His girlfriend, Camellia Dunlap, 18, was also arrested for possession of a weapon for running away with her gun after the shooting, police said on Wednesday.

Morgan did not speak when officers led him out of the 79th Precinct police station on Wednesday afternoon.

Webb, 23, was working in the restaurant when Morgan’s 40-year-old mother complained that her fries were cold, police said.

At the same time, she was talking with her son Morgan on FaceTime. As the fries flap escalated, Morgan and Dunlap showed up at the restaurant as the fries flap escalated.

The argument eventually spilled out of the restaurant and across the street, where Morgan allegedly pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot Webb in the face.

“We were sitting here and we heard ‘pop!’ a street vendor told the Daily News.

Morgan, who sources say has a record of 13 prior arrests, then gave his sidearm to Dunlap, who got away with it, cops said.

Morgan was caught by cops while fleeing the shooting scene.

His girlfriend was arrested a few hours later. It was not immediately clear whether the weapon had been recovered.

Doctors transported Webb to Brookdale University Hospital, where he remained in extremely critical condition on Wednesday. He has no criminal record. A witness to the shooting said he was well-liked by his colleagues at McDonald’s.

Morgan’s arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court was pending Wednesday.

Morgan’s arrest brought little comfort to Holloman’s family.

“I’m relieved but this will never bring my brother back,” said Gardenia Holloman, 32, sister of Kevin Holloman. “So it’s bittersweet.”

“He was the life of the party,” she said. “All he did was dance and make you laugh, and he was loving and kind. He was a wonderful uncle to three little girls and he loved them.

Her own 4-year-old daughter “keeps asking when Uncle Kevin is coming back,” she said.

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“He was a mama’s boy,” the sister said. “He and my mum were very close. My mum died right after him. She died of a broken heart. It really upset my mum. She couldn’t take it.

Gardenia Holloman said she couldn’t get over the irony of how Morgan was caught. She said she knew he was a suspect in her brother’s murder and saw him twice in the neighborhood after the shooting.

“It was very unfortunate that it took so long, because they already had a witness,” she said. “They told me that was not enough evidence. He had to do something else to someone else, it’s really sad.

“I heard about the McDonald’s situation and then they told me about an arrest,” she said. “I’m glad he actually confessed. It weighed heavily on my family that he was still out there, and look what happened.

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