Man filmed repeatedly running over girlfriend with SUV stopped by Chinese police

Footage of a man in China repeatedly knocking his girlfriend into a car to her death has shocked Chinese social media.

The man, identified only by his surname Zhang, was arrested for brutally killing his girlfriendsurnamed Wang, while driving his vehicle several times over his body Tuesday in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

After the incident, Wang was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.

Local authorities arrested Zhang around 3 p.m., just hours after he fled in front of a public swimming pool.

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The clip of the incident shows Zhang ramming a white SUV into Wang, who falls to the ground. Onlookers can be seen trying to intervene and move Wang to a safe place, but they are unsuccessful.

Zhang then maneuvers his vehicle towards passers-by and repeatedly runs over his girlfriend while she is on the ground.

A local pool worker told media that Wang worked at the pool. The worker said Wang appeared to have been working as usual before the incident. The case is still under further investigation, according to police.

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The video went viral on Weibo, with the brutal nature of the attack causing an outcry among social media users. Some netizens have questioned the authorities’ commitment to protecting women from such attacks.

Many remembered the brutal attack on a group of women at a barbecue restaurant in the same city in June. The attack on the restaurant, which was caught on video, has angered Chinese social media users, who believe authorities are not doing enough to protect women and ensure public safety.

The video of the murder is the latest to spark outrage in the country over gender-based violence. In July, a video of a man ambushing his ex-wife and daughter in their Laiyang home went viral. Earlier this week, a video of a man dragging a woman into a bar bathroom shocked citizens.

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Nine suspects were arrested in the attack on the restaurant, which left two women hospitalized. The incident sparked a national outpouring of anger and discussion about violent crimes against women across China.

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