Lady Gaga dog walker: Man accused of shooting in Los Angeles is sentenced to 4 years in prison

Jaylin White, 20, did not contest a second-degree robbery count and admitted to an allegation that a member of the group was armed during the incident, according to Greg Risling, a spokesman for the county attorney’s office. from Los Angeles.

Other charges and allegations filed against White have been dismissed, Risling told CNN. He had previously been charged with one count of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit robbery, according to the prosecutor’s office.
The Feb. 24 shooting and dog nap were caught on dramatic surveillance video showing at least two men accosting Ryan Fischer, who was walking the star’s three French bulldogs.

A physical altercation ensued. Footage shows an attacker holding the victim down while another appears to be pointing a gun.

A shot is then heard, and the victim falls backwards while the assailants rush towards a car. Fischer, who was shot and seriously injured, survived the attack.

A suspect released by mistake is recaptured

The attackers took two of the dogs, Koji and Gustav, but they were recovered days later after the singer offered a $500,000 reward.

White and four others were arrested weeks later in connection with the shooting and robbery. Among them, two people were charged with complicity after the fact.

One of the suspects, James Jackson, was mistakenly released from police custody in April due to what officials called “a clerical error”.

Jackson was found and taken into custody Wednesday following a search by multiple law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Marshal Service, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Jackson is being held for attempted murder. Charges are still pending against a third suspect in the case.

CNN’s Nouran Salahieh contributed to this report.

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