Fifth child tests positive for monkeypox in US

At least five children have tested positive for monkeypox in the United States since July.

Four of the children with confirmed illnesses are US citizens, including two in California and two in Indiana. The latest case was an infant who was tested while traveling through Washington, D.C. but is not a U.S. resident, according to ABC 7.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that young children could be at increased risk of more serious cases of monkeypox if they become infected. The organization has set the age limit for serious risk at 8, although it said pediatric data is “limited”.

California declared a state of emergency over monkeypox on Tuesday, making it the third to do so in the past week. Illinois and New York also made the move.

The United States has so far tallied about 3,000 cases across the country, and President Joe Biden on Tuesday established a monkeypox response team at the White House.

Robert Fenton, regional administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will serve as White House National Monkeypox Response Coordinator, and Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as Deputy Coordinator.

“Fenton and Deaskalakis will lead the administration’s strategy and operations to combat the current monkeypox outbreak, including equitably increasing the test availability, vaccinations and treatments,” the White House said in a statement.

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